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If you want people to take your business seriously, your website layout and aesthetics matter. This will be the key in determining how long a visitor will stay on your website. You might be contemplating to do this on your own. After all, there are so many sites that give you advice on how to make a website on your own by using WordPress. However, if you want to make a splash and attract future business, you should hire professionals. Here are the main reasons why it is better to have professionals help instead of doing it on your own.

Are you aware that more than 65% of all searches and online purchases are done on a mobile device? So, if you want to be comparative, your website must be visible on mobile devices. In other words, you want it to be seen on a laptop, desktop, as well as on a tablet or cellphone. In short, this is something that an amateur cannot accomplish on their own. Above all, if you want your business to become a household name, your website must have this feature.

Have you ever wondered when you search something on Google, why some results are on the first page and others aren’t? The answer is website rankings. In truth, Google and other search engines recognize high-quality content, speed, content written based on SEO rules, and many other things.

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Our Website Service Includes

Custom Sites

Set up Platforms



Our Website Packages

Our Website Design and Hosting Solution offers all the features and Benifits of a industry standard professional website at a fixed monthly fee. All packages includes the hosting, email, design and full support at no extra cost.

As low as R399/m

The Insider is UNIQUE in that it takes the stress out of getting your business online
We provide Unlimited Updates and Lifetime support at no extra cost.
The website is hosted on a Dedicated Server meaning better performance, speed and security

Insider Website Solution details

The monthly payments for the Insider package is R399, R499, R 599 or R799 per month for 24 month. We have developed this package for our customers who can’t afford a large once-off payment or who simply do not want to pay a large amount upfront and would prefer monthly instalments. We took the cost of a premium website valued at R7500 (R 399 options) and R 12 000 (for the R 599 option) and added all the cool extras such as monthly hosting, maintenance, unlimited updates, unlimited emails, email hosting and web-space as well as domain registration and a premium theme to the pot and split the cost up over a 2 year period.

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Nothing is more annoying than buying a product or service for a price only to be told you need to pay extra to get this or that. So we guarantee that there will be no hidden / extra charges for the services listed per for each package. T’s & C’s apply


Dedicated Whatsapp Group with the designers, project leaders and yourself during entire building of your site

Benefits And What’s Included


From the moment you sign up for the life time that you website is hosted with us we will provide support. Everything from updating of software to editing of text, changing or adding new images, design or changes you want on your site. Basically a full time website administrator / designer on call to manage your site (so you Packages have to). At no extra cost to you


Security that banks use.

Standard specs Include:

1 – 10 Pages

Content Management System

Animated Slider


2 Contact Forms

Site Map

Google Maps

Basic SEO

Spam Protection

Email Support

Google Analytics

Page Speed Tests